Protect Your Farm With The FarMate® Policy
The FarMate® provides quality insurance protection for your
entire farm. It also offers a wide variety of options to fit
your farming operation.


The FarMate® policy protects you from financial disaster
by covering your:

  • Dwelling
  • Household Personal Property
  • Additional Living Expense/Loss of Rents
  • Farm Service Buildings
  • Scheduled Farm Personal Property
  • Blanket Farm Personal Property
  • Causes Of Loss
  • The FarMate® protects your property from these causes of loss:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm
  • Hail
  • Explosion
  • Riot
  • Aircraft Vandalism
  • Malicious Mischief Theft
  • Smoke Vehicle
  • Accidental Overturn or Collision
  • Livestock
    These additional coverages apply to livestock:

  • Electrocution
  • Accidental Drowning
  • Attack by Wild Dogs, Animals
  • Accidental Shooting
  • Injury From Loading or Unloading
  • Collision or Overturn
  • Additional Coverages

  • Debris Removal
  • Emergency Removal of Property
  • Necessary Repairs
  • Satellite Dish Systems
  • Farm Machinery & Equipment Coverage Due to Building Collapse
  • Employee Occupational Liability
  • Construction of New Buildings
  • Optional Coverages

  • Additional Operating Expense
  • Comprehensive Machinery Coverage
  • Dwelling Replacement Cost
  • Farm/Household Operations Records
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Glass Breakage – Farm Machinery
  • Household Personal Property Replacement Cost
  • Inflation Guard
  • Leased or Rented Farm Buildings
  • Loss of Income
  • Open Perils Coverage For Dwelling and Contents
  • Peak Season
  • Pollution Clean Up and Removal
  • Suffocation of LivestockWater Backup of Sewer and Drains
  • Farm-Guard® Policy

    The Farm-Guard® protects the members of your household against financial disaster from accidents or injuries occurring on your farm — whether you’re a farm owner or tenant.The policy provides a broad range of standard coverages as well as a variety of optional coverages to customize protection to fit your farming operation.


    Public Liability
    Protection against claims of negligence arising from your farming operations, use of the premises or personal acts. Fire legal liability is included for real and personal property.

    Physical Damage to Property of Others
    Pays for damages to property you borrow, such as farm machinery.

    Medical Payments to Public
    Pays for accidental injury to the public on your premises, by your livestock or because of your farming operations or personal acts. If state law doesn’t require you to carry Workers’ Compensation, Farm-Guard® also provides:

    Employer’s Liability
    Protection against liability for injuries suffered by your farm employees while working for you.
    Medical Payments to Farm Employees
    Covers medical expenses for accidental injury suffered by your farm employees while on the job, even if you are not at fault. Includes death indemnity for accidental death.

    Automatic Coverages

  • Coverage for losses arising out of custom farming or feeding when receipts total less than $2,000
  • Protection from losses arising from business pursuits when receipts total less than $2,000
  • Property damage protection for accidental spray drifts of farm chemicals when applied by any means other than aircraft.
  • Contractual liability relating to the farming operations, goods or products or residence premises.
  • Pollution coverage for losses caused by windstorm, accidental collision, overturn or breakage.
  • Coverage Options

    Split Limits
    Per person/per occurrence limits for public liability and employer’s liability

    Combined Single Limits
    Per occurrence limit for public liability and employer’s liability

    Optional Coverages

  • Custom Farming *
  • Custom Feeding *
  • Residential Rental Property
  • Additional Insured
  • Business Activities *
  • Employee Occupational Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Home Day Care
  • Waterbed Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Additional Premises
  • Medical Payments — Named Persons
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Milk Contamination
  • * When above $2,000 in receipts

    Available Premium Credits

    Landlord’s Liability
    Owner Occupied —35% reduction in premium when the landlord has leased 90% of the farm to a tenant. The landlord must not have direct control over the farm premises or any interest in the farm equipment or livestock.
    Non-Occupied — 50% reduction is premium when the landlord does not live on the farm or have any direct control over the farm premises.

    Livestock Exclusion
    A 20% reduction in premium when no livestock are owned by or in the care, custody or control of the insured.

    Country Home Option
    Premium reduction when total acreage is under 40 acres and only incidental farming operations are conducted.

    Home-Guard® Policy

    The Home-Guard® policy provides outstanding protection
    for your most important asset — your home.The policy offers a variety of
    coverages to protect your dwelling and personal property. It also offers
    protection against possible financial disaster from accidents or injuries
    occurring on your property or from your personal acts.

    Property Coverages


  • The dwelling located on the described premises
  • Construction materials at the premises for use with your dwelling
  • Other Structures

  • Other structures located on the premises
  • Construction materials at the premises for use with other structures
  • Sidewalks and driveways
  • Privacy or decorative fences
  • Personal Property

  • Personal property located at the premises
  • Automatic coverage for personal property temporarily away from premises
  • Additional Living Expenses and Loss of Rents
    Covers the increase in your living expenses while your property is being
    repaired or replaced. Covers the loss of rents you might incur while the
    rented portion of the premises is unfit to occupy

    Additional Coverages

  • Debris Removal
  • Emergency Removal of Property
  • Necessary Repairs After Loss
  • Trees, Shrubs and Plants
  • Refrigerated Products ($250 Included)
  • Outside Radio/Television Equipment and Satellite Dishes
  • Credit Card
  • Loss Assessment
  • Collapse
  • Water Backup (Optional Coverage Up to $10,000)
  • Personal Liability Protection

    Public Liability
    Coverage for claims made against an insured person for bodily injury or
    property damage arising from accidents or injuries occurring on the premises
    for which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay due to personal acts

    Medical Payments
    Provides coverage for medical expenses that arise from accidents or injuries
    occurring on the insured premises

    Damage to Property of Others
    Covers property damage to property of others which you borrow or use

    Optional Coverages


  • Inflation Guard
  • Farm/Household Operations Records
  • Earthquake
  • Water Backup
  • Condominium Unit Owners
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Refrigerated Products
  • Replacement Cost for Household Personal Property
  • Water Backup (Up to $2500)
  • Liability

  • Incidental Business Activities
  • Business Pursuits
  • Home Day Care Provider
  • Incidental Agricultural Activities
  • Contractual Liability
  • Waterbed
  • Additional
  • InsuredAdditional Premises
  • Home Elite

    If your home qualifies, you will be eligible for the expanded coverages
    offered by the Home-Guard® Select policy.
    These additional coverages include:
    Open perils coverage for the dwelling
    Replacement cost for the dwelling and household personal property.